Taiwan Migrants Soccer Competition on 13 Desember 2015
 at Hsinchuang, New Taipei City 
Welcome and support your favorite team.....!
The rules of the match are agreed upon
by the team leader meeting of the 2015 Taiwan Migrants Soccer Competition on October 31, 2015. Agreed upon rules are as follow:
  1. The matches areconducted according to FIFA’s Laws of the Game.
  2. CTFA certified refereeswill be used.
  3. The number of T2 LIGATaiwanese players on the field is limited to five.
  4. The tournament is single elimination format.
  5. To substitute players, card must be raised.
  6. Uniforms: Indonesia, white; Thailand, blue; T2, purple (tentative); Vietnam, red
  7. Each team is limited to 11 substitutions during the course of each match.
  8. Registration fee is NT$3,000, and cleaning security deposit is NT$ 2,000 (after the match area is cleaned, the deposit will be returned).
  9. If a team does not have at least 8 players after the match has been going on for 15 minutes, the team will be disqualified and the score will be recorded as 3 to 0.
  10. If a team has less than 8 players on the field due to red cards, the team will be disqualified.
  11. Lot drawing order and match order were both determined by drawing lots. The result is as follows:
          1. T2
      LIGA vs. Indonesia (8:00)
        Vietnam vs. Thailand (10:00)
        Third place match: 13:00
        Championship match: 15:00
12.    The opening ceremony begins at 12:00. Each team is to carry its national flag in the opening ceremony, proceeding in the following order: competition organizer, co-organizers, T2 LIGA, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand.
13.    Kick-off ceremony